Women2020 Series 2013-2014

cropped-women2020.jpgFrom 8 March 2013 to 6 March 2014, the Women2020 partnership, lead by the Digital Leadership Institute (formerly Zen Digital Europe), carried out a series of high-level gatherings between European business and policy leaders addressing topics related to women’s contribution to achieving the Europe 2020 vision. The findings of each gathering were captured in individual event reports, and the series resulted in the 6 March 2014 publication of a summary report, Women2020: Time to Act, with a cover letter by European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

The following is the Women2020 Series 2013-2014 Calendar, including reports generated for each gathering, participants, photos, partners and sponsors:

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Event #1: Women for Smart, Sustainable & Inclusive Growth: Promoting the Contribution of Women to Achieving the Europe2020 Vision – 8 March 12:00-14:00 at DIGITALEUROPE, Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Report & Photos

Female Board Pool Belgium Launch: As part of the Women2020 launch on 8 March 2013, Female Board Pool Belgium will open nominations for inclusion in the Female Board Pool Belgium database of “qualified women for Europe’s boardrooms.”

Logo digitaleurope smallEvent #2: Women in STEM for Smart Growth: Promoting Women’s Education, Jobs and Leadership in STEM Sectors in Europe – 25 April 8:00-10:30 at DIGITALEUROPE, Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Report & Photos

Google for EntrepreneursEvent #3: Women in Enterprise for Sustainable Growth: Promoting Women-led Innovation and Enterprise, and Women Entrepreneurs in Europe – 15 May 8:00-10:30 at Google, Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Report & Photos

GSMA_logoEvent #4: Women in Leadership for Inclusive Growth: Promoting Women in Public and Private Sector Leadership – 14 November 8:00-10:30 at GSMA, Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Report (draft) & Photos

Event #5: Young Women for Europe 2020: Promoting Young Women for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Europe – 17 December 18:00-20:30 at Zen Digital, Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Report (draft) & Photos

https://www.digitaleurope.orgEvent #6: Release Event for the Women2020 Action Plan6 March 2014, 18:00-20:30 at DIGITALEUROPE Brussels – COMPLETED – Please see Report & Coverage

On 6 March 2014, in celebration of International Women’s Day, a Women2020 Action Plan was released on the basis of the Women2020 dialogues in collaboration with our media partners, Business Incubator Magazine and New Europe.

 Partners & Sponsors: The Women2020 platform is made possible by the generous contribution of our partners and sponsors.

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